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Stallone Q&A Report: No Rambo V, Expendables 3 + More

Last night Sylvester Stallone held ‘An Audience With Sylvester Stallone’ in the UK.  The evening was hosted by Jonathan Ross. Among other things a Q&A session was held with the man himself.  

Here’s a report on subjects of interest.

On Rambo V first of all, which is probably what most people are interested in, Stallone seemed slightly evasive when asked if he was doing it.  He joked about Rambo headed to Vegas but ended by saying “maybe it’s run its course”.  Keep in mind though it was reported recently that Stallone was ‘in talks’ for Rambo V.  Possibly Avi Lerner not knowing when to shut up.

Stallone also says he still wants ‘Poe’ to happen, but that again it is unlikely.  He says that it would probably happen on a small budget and that this isn’t how he’d want it to ideally get made.  He said he doesn’t want to appear to be using his influence in Hollywood to force the issue.

He also said that his training regimen is winding down as he gets older, saying that it’s much harder to stay in shape at his age, harder than it ever was before.  Stallone says that because of his routine for getting in shape for Bullet to the Head (2013) and the rigors of the final fight, he was quite ill for weeks after production had finished.  More information suggesting he might be winding down his action career.

Lastly Sly hyped The Expendables 3 and how he enjoyed working with Jason Statham.  Stallone says that “history could be made” in the movie and that Statham may take knocks like never before.  “I actually believe there’s a bloody nose on the horizon”.  All in all though, nothing else of value to report.  Old anecdotes mostly, but still as funny as ever.