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Stallone Wants De Niro For The Expendables 4

Another day, another Expendables update.  Looks like we’re already getting more rumors on The Expendables 4, even though The Expendables 3 hasn’t been released yet (released August 15 by the way).  After starring in mediocre boxing comedy Grudge Match (review) alongside Robert De Niro, it seems Stallone likes the man and wants to have him in the next (next) Expendables movie. spoke to Stallone and revealed today that “A recent rumor suggested Justin Bieber could join the gang (seems very unlikely to us), but we have it from the horses mouth that Robert De Niro is on Sly’s hit list”.  Personally, I wouldn’t cast De Niro in an Expendables movie.  Doesn’t fit in my opinion, does nothing for me hype-wise.  I like De Niro, but this is bordering on chalk-and-cheese stuff.

Check out Yahoo’s video of Stallone talking EX4 while promoting Grudge Match, plus let us know if you’re down with De Niro becoming Expendable.