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Stories Of A Tekken Prequel Movie Are Bogus

Some stories have been circulating this week of a new Tekken movie, specifically a prequel to the 2010 video game adaption movie.  The movie is even being given a name,  Tekken: A Man Called X.  They say the movie is to be produced by Lions Gate and Crystal Sky Pictures and to be helmed by the director of Ong Bak (Pracha Pinkaew).  These stories are bogus though, no truth in them.  At least not yet.

Is this a good thing?  On the one hand the original movie was pure crap.  On the other hand Pracha Pinkaew is probably the best martial arts movie director out there, better than even Gareth Evans. Hmm…

Anyway, you’re probably wondering why I have a picture of Geoff Meed inserted for this article.  Well, it’s a little known fact that Geoff Meed was actually cast in the role of Paul Phoenix for the original Tekken movie in 2009.  At the 11th hour, they axed the character and him from the movie.  Way back then Meed was active on the IMDb and told fans that he did indeed test for the movie and that he too was baffled to be told to go home ultimately.  And that’s just one big pile of shit, you can’t have a Tekken movie without Paul Phoenix. 

And worst of all, Meed would’ve been perfect for the role.