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Terminator: Genesis (2015) Begins Filming April 21st

Filming for Terminator: Genesis will begin on April 21st (see Tweet below).  We’ll probably also know by the end of this week who the new Kyle Reese is.  The only thing of interest in this movie though is the fact that Arnold will reappear as The Terminator.  Exactly how they’ll have a man pushing 70 play that role remains to be seen.  Maybe they’ll use Avatar tech on him, something Jim Cameron wanted to try with Dirty Harry.

A while back Jean Claude Van Damme revealed his desire to appear in this movie.  I don’t think anyone is surprised that we haven’t heard of any developments on that since.

Update: TERMINATOR: GENESIS begins filming on April 21st in New Orleans.
— Production Weekly (@prodweek) January 11, 2014