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Terminator: Genesis Will Have a 13 Week Shoot

Reboot/remake/rehash… whatever it is, Terminator: Genesis is getting ready to roll.  Pre-production begins this week.  They’re going to work on it in New Orleans, Louisiana.  Thor: The Dark World director Alan Taylor will direct.  If anyone has seen that movie please drop us a comment on how good (or bad) this guy is.  Emilia and Jason Clarke (no relation) will play Sarah and John Connor respectively, proving time travel will be in this movie due to their ages.

Actual photography will run from April 21st until August 1st which is a long 13 week shoot.  Arnold Schwarzenegger will return to play a Terminator.  How they’re going to pull that off… who knows, maybe Avatar technology (see here)?

Anyway it would be nice to know what the hell this thing is about.  We’re all on our guard either way with trashy cashing in being a trend these days not to mention the last two Terminator movies being hot garbage. We could do without more trauma right?