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TMoney Trolls The Intertubes

ManlyMovie’s old pal TMoney, AKA Terry Crews, AKA Hale Caesar, has been up to his old tricks again. Crews has been telling dimwits on the intertubes that 90lb she-man Justin Bieber will make an appearance in The Expendables 4.  “The next one, I am telling you, Justin Bieber is coming for The Expendables 4”.  Hook, line and sinker, the bait was taken up by the likes of (article).  To check out the extent of TMoney’s troll win, check out the comment section in that article.  Widespread approval.

Aside from being used in one of his movies, ‘TMoney’ is an alias Crews uses to battle trolls on the internet. Some of us from ManlyMovie lured TMoney to an IMDb forum once via Facebook to give him shit about trying to justify The Expendables 2 being PG-13, we knew it was him because he accepted the invitation publicly on his official Facebook page.  However, we discovered that TMoney was a seasoned troll and more than held his own, although unbeknownst to him his comments were being emailed to all major movie news sites and taken as de-facto PR statements.  These days though, TMoney don’t respond to us.  He don’t write, he don’t call.  What’s up, buddy?

Anyway, no Bieber in Expendables 4 ‘alongside Stallone’.  Come to that, don’t expect Stallone or Terry Crews to appear in it either.  A little ‘informed’ duo of predictions coming off our end.