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When To Expect The Next Expendables 3 Trailer

UPDATED 2X:  No trailer for the Super Bowl, after all/

UPDATED: This is looking less likely, as The Expendables 3 trailer seems to have been replaced with ‘Draft Day’.  More as we get it.

Last month we got the teaser trailer for The Expendables 3.  Obviously the next thing to be released is going to be a fuller trailer.  When is that going to happen?  February 2nd, which you’ll probably recognise as being the date for Super Bowl XLVII.

You can actually find some info on it here, well, not very much but it does say “The Super Bowl trailer for “The Expendables 3” will be the first actual footage from the film that Lionsgate, the studio behind this series, has released.”

Good news, Super Bowl is not a cheap spot to fill so it looks like they’re taking promotion seriously.  Remember, this time two years ago was the onset of ‘PG-13 gate’ where Chuck Norris went on Polish TV boasting about how he got the rating for The Expendables 2 graded to meet family tastes.  Stallone came out and confirmed it, which initiated nuclear uproar, before coming out and condemning silly PG-13 rumors.  The movie then had ‘R’ re-shoots.

So perhaps they learned some harsh lessons last year and are keen to make amends this year.  The Expendables 2 was almost torpedoed before it even began.