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ABKing Wants McTiernan For Expendables 4

By ABking

Certain things in life go together — Peanut Butter and Jelly, Politics and Lies and John McTiernan and The Expendables 4!!!

Let me explain…John McTiernan is arguably one of the greatest action directors of ALL time. The man directed such action classics as DIE HARD, PREDATOR, THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER, THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR and DIE HARD WITH A VENGEANCE. Even LAST ACTION HERO is an underrated gem.

Now, the EXPENDABLES franchise is an 80’s/90’s throwback action extravaganza series filled with BIG stunts, BIG action, BIG guns, BIG muscles, BIG action stars and a BIG budget. The first two films have delighted action fans all over the world and EX3, which comes out this summer, looks to be the biggest one yet.

McT is coming out of Prison next month for serving a little over a year prison term from some wire-tap foolishness that he got caught up in. This is great news for action fans. His last couple of films have not lived up to the McT of the past. Basic was a pretty decent thriller, but RollerBall was a piece of crap action movie. John McTiernan deserves better. Which brings me to THE EXPENDABLES 4!

McT directed what many call the most macho-fested guys movie ever with PREDATOR. The team in Predator led by Schwarzenegger is just pure bad ass. So just imagine what a director like John would do directing an Expendables movie. It would be pure heaven. He was born to directed one of these action movies. He knows how to handle a bad ass team of guys and with the biggest action stars at his disposable the sky is the limit. It would be pure magic!

Arnold and John have a  working relationship having worked on both LAST ACTION HERO and PREDATOR so the way I see it Arnold can pull some strings and get his buddy to have a meeting with both Sly and Avi Lerner. I am sure Sly and Avi would be game to get  a pro like McT to direct the next EX adventure!

Each EXPENDABLES movie has been directed by different directors and the 4th film should be no different.

McT is not in much demand now, but directing a BIG BUDGET BLOCKBUSTER movie like EX4 would bring him back BIG TIME!!!

Let us make this happen action movie fans…make your voices heard and lets bring this to the attention of Lionsgate, Sly, Avi, Arnold and Nu Image. McT deserves to be treated like action royalty and an EXPENDABLES movie deserves John McTiernan!!!