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ABking’s Picks For The Expendables 4

Is it me or does it feel like SUMMER 2014 will be here before we know it. And that means EX3 will be here faster than we think. There is a rumor going around that the next EX3 trailer will premier at the end of March with Sabotage. Only time will tell. There are earlier reports saying it will actually premier in May….stay tuned…

The first film in 2010 grossed $274,470,394 WORLDWIDE. The second film in 2012 topped that figure with $311,979,256 WORLDWIDE. Rest assured that 2014’s EX3 is going to be the biggest film yet in this action packed series. I say yet…which brings me back to the future of the franchise. Avi and Sly are already setting up EX4 with Mexico as a possible filming location. I say go for it! That would be nice place to film with some nice scenery. The Fast and The Furious films look ahead to the future with each film even going so far as to set storylines up in a previous installment. I doubt we have that in this summer’s Expendables 3 but one can hope right…

Mel Gibson is going to kick some serious ass as the bad guy both in the acting department and in his on screen actions. So where do we go with THE EXPENDABLES 4 (or as I would love to call it “John McTiernan’s The Expendables 4” -yes I want McT to direct) after getting someone of Mel’s stature. We need someone iconic in both the acting department and in presence. Someone with whom you think can bring a great threat to not only the world, but to the Expendables team. May I recommend AL “Tony Montana” PACINO…yes, you all know I have mentioned Pacino’s name in the past. But hear me out.

Listen to this pitch — So we know that Avi Lerner is already having ideas for having EX4 set in Cuba. Avi was quoted as saying “The action will be developed in Cuba, but only if Fidel Castro is still alive, otherwise the story will change.”

Al Pacino would be the perfect actor to play a Fidel Castro type threat to the expendables team. I will go even further and say that Al should channel his inner TONY MONTANA and be a cocaine sniffing psychopathic killer/leader. One who wants to start another WORLD WAR (or something like that). Get Nicolas Cage or Steven Seagal to be his right hand man and we are talking!!!

Al hardly acts these days and he even joked once on a talkshow appearance about starring in an Expendables movie (lets hope it was a plea more than a joke).

Sly and Avi, if you guys are listening — to top Mel Gibson with EX3, you will need to hire AL PACINO for EX4! And he must be sniffing cocaine in almost every scene!

The EX4 cast sheet should look something like this:

Clint Eastwood
Kiefer Sutherland
Gerard Butler
Russell Crowe
Hugh Jackman
Jackie Chan
Kurt Russell
Steven Seagal

– ABking