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Afghan War Movie ‘Hornet’s Nest’ Coming May

Even though the war is over this year, expect more movies about it.  Freestyle Releasing has acquired the U.S. rights to War in Afghanistan movie The Hornet’s Nest, where real-life father and son Mike and Carlos Boettcher re-create their experiences as ABC correspondents embedded with troops.

The movie will open in select theaters May 9 before expanding nationwide May 23.  “After you see The Hornet’s Nest, the next time you encounter a marine or soldier, you won’t just thank them, you’ll hug them. That is why my son and I spent almost two years in Afghanistan at their side,” Mike Boettcher said in a statement.

This movie follows Lone Survivor (2013), which was to my estimation the first ‘good’ War in Afghanistan movie and the one to beat.  You can check out the review for it here.