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Bonnie Bedelia Talks Returning To Die Hard

Five actors have appeared in more than one Die Hard movie.  Bruce Willis has appeared in all of them.  Reginald VelJohnson appeared in the first two as Al Powell.  William Atherton appeared in the first two also as Dick Thornburg – actually this character also appeared in the video game Die Hard: Vendetta but was not played by Atherton.  

Mary Elizabeth Winstead also appeared twice, as Lucy McClane – but those were in DHINO movies, nobody cares about her.

Bonnie Bedelia is the only other one to appear twice, as Holly McClane in the first two movies.  Why she didn’t appear in ‘Vengeance’, I don’t know (drop a comment if you do).  Anyway, on her absence, Bedelia recently spoke:

“It says something about ageism and women in life, and our society, and certainly in films. It’s now Holly Genero’s daughter that is [in] the Die Hard movies. I understand but.. Bruce Willis is allowed to get bald, and old, but we’re not allowed to see a woman of a certain age? It says too much about how old he is.. if you see his wife? And, you know, I think I look better than he does.”

Sounds like she’d say yes.  Bruce Willis (who suggested her for the first movie) wants her back, but says “it’s out of my hands”.  The problem though is that Die Hard now sucks, so it probably doesn’t matter.  They’re talking about sending McClane to Japan for the next movie.  Final point I suppose… in the words of Danny Glover… who gives a shit.

One more thing actually, bring back Dick Thornburg, and maybe we’ll take notice…