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EXCLUSIVE: The Expendables 3 (2014) Set Report

Ramses here, with an exclusive report from The Expendables 3 set. If several months late, obviously the movie is long since in the can. 
We had a man on the ground, so to speak, more than one actually, to give us some information (pictures, screenplays, tips…) on the cast.

Our source who spent time on the set gave us information and thoughts on the main cast.

First was word on Jet Li’s time on the set.  There was talk in the past on Jet Li not being entirely happy in the previous two movies.  Whether that was true or not in those instances, it wasn’t on the set of The Expendables 3.  Jet is described as having a great time on set, no sign of being downbeat. He had a lot of his family flown in to be with him and they were having a ball, applauding every time he successfully finished one of his scenes.

Our source’s favourite actor on set was Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Schwarzenegger would mingle among the crew and extras and eat (a lot) along with them when it came to breaks, instead of retreating to his trailer as would otherwise have been customary. This made him popular on the set, as if he wasn’t popular enough already.  Antonio Banderas and Wesley Snipes are also described as being ‘well liked’, with neither showing ego.  Snipes in particular is described as being the most professional on set.  I’m guessing he appreciated his circumstances, given where he’d just been.

While most showed themselves to be down to earth despite the scale of this ensemble cast of icons, not all egos were left at the door.  Jason Statham is described as being a bit of a prick, although our source puts it mildly and refers to him as ‘unfriendly’.  Statham was also said to have almost drowned during the shooting of The Expendables 3.  Allegedly, the brakes failed in the truck he was driving and it fell into water.  This sequence was due to be done by a professional. Statham insisted on doing it himself however, read about that in a separate report here, and our source says that it was not brakes failing but merely Statham being incapable of handling the vehicle, with the failing brakes reports simply being untrue.

Lastly, we got word on Mel Gibson.  If you know Mel Gibson, you’ll know he’s quite the character on set while shooting his movies.  Always keen to elevate the mood for all involved.  The Expendables 3 was no different.  Gibson would pull the prank of burping and farting on cue right as he was about to shoot his takes, then begin the scene like nothing had happened.  Which is classic Mel Gibson.

One other thing and probably not surprising, the script changed ‘every ten seconds’ due to the difficulty of scheduling of such a cast.  But unless something was filmed in ultra secrecy, don’t expect any surprises…