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John McTiernan Released From Gulag Next Tuesday!

Just two short updates on John ‘Big Mac’ McTiernan here – by the way Big Mac is a nickname given to him by his fellow inmates, all of whom treated him with utmost respect.

First, the hour approaches!  John is released next Tuesday, which will be a time to celebrate indeed.  Even better, he’ll get straight to work on “Red Squad”, a movie focuses on a former DEA agent with a rogue streak and his select team of mercenaries who descend upon a Mexican border town to take out a powerful drug lord.

Second, Arnold’s stunt double from Predator and The Last Action Hero has come out to sing John’s praises.  He caught up with the FreeJohnMcTiernan Movement 

“Dear John, I really love working with you on Predator of course, But working closely with you in Last Action Hero when I was doubling Arnold was a real treat. I always enjoyed our sessions together, discussing and analyzing what you wanted to see from the stunts and delivering my best attempts to fulfill your vision. I would work with you again in a heartbeat – anytime, anyplace on any project. I always admired you for standing up for your principles and never more so than now. I look forward to speaking to you again sometime personally. God bless my friend, you’re one of my heroes.

Peter Kent”

Great guy.  You know what, though.  With The Expendables 4 confirmed (the team will take down Castro, I shit you not), we really do want to start planting the seed/idea of ‘Big Mac’ directing that movie.  C’mon, we never thought we’d get Van Damme and certainly not Mel Gibson, right?  Incase you missed it, check out ABking’s impassioned plea by clicking here.