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John Travolta Filming New Heist/Robbery Thriller

We like a good heist movie, it’s almost Manly Movies 101.  John Travolta’s career may be circling the shitter, again, but he has at least one potential gem on the horizon, in the form of a heist movie as it happens.

In “The Forger” Travolta will star alongside Christopher Plummer and Tye Sheridan in a story of a former child art prodigy, Ray Cutter (Travolta) who arranges to buy his way out of prison to spend time with his ailing son, Will Cutter (Sheridan). Cutter alongside his father, Joseph Cutter (Plummer), must work out a way to carry out one last big job for the mob who financed his early release.

So when is it coming out?  Not sure, but it’s in post-production so it shouldn’t be too long.  The movie was written by Exit Wounds writer Richard D’Ovidio, by the way.  Whether or not you consider that a good thing is up to you.