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Kyle Reese Role Narrowed Down To Two Actors

In Terminator: Genesis, Sarah and John Connor have already been cast, Emilia Clarke and Jason Clarke respectively.  Arnold Schwarzenegger has also been cast as ‘The Terminator’ – still not sure how that’s going to work.

Kyle Reese hasn’t been cast.  But the role has been narrowed down to two actors according to IGN.  Boyd Holbrook and Jai Courtney, who recently tested for the role.  Casting wise, from the Connor’s to these two, I personally don’t dig any of these selections.

But if they have Arnie looking and behaving exactly like he did in the 1984 original (i.e. bad guy), maybe we’ll talk.  I’d also like to see the capture of the Terminator 2 T-800.  It would be cool to see Uncle Bob back on the big screen, nobody can argue against that…