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Meet The New Transporter

We mentioned recently that The Transporter series was getting rebooted, updated, rejigged, whatever… (it’s called Transporter 4 but explores the ‘origins’ of Frank Martin), but without Jason Statham.  Statham, it seems, will return to his ‘Mechanic’ series instead.

So, who is replacing him?  Ed Skrein.

Skrein is a former ‘MC’ turned actor.  His most famous role is probably a supporting deal in TV series Game of Thrones.  Other than that, I don’t know much about him but I’d wonder if he has the same martial arts skills and agility as Jason Statham?  Because I somehow doubt that and I won’t be interested in seeing him battle foes with lyrical putdowns.

Another smaller bit of news about this reboot, the first movie (and possibly only movie) will receive a budget of $30 million and Skrein’s younger Frank Martin will be involved in a storyline with his father.  Filming begins in June this year, once again in France.

It seems 2014 is going to be a big year for action, gonna be hard to keep up!