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New Low For Seagal DTV: Worst Shooting Location Ever?

Steven Seagal apparently deemed himself too good for The Expendables 3, Wesley Snipes, Mel Gibson and a role in a big theatrical movie.  Not too good though for… “The Mecernary: Absolution”.

The plot of this movie has been held secret, in “strict confidence”.  The reasoning for this is that they don’t want to spoil the movie, see.  Well lemme translate that for you:  They themselves have no idea what it’s about and will likely have no idea even while finishing the movie.  For more on Seagal movies not really requiring a script, as such, see this entry.

But it’s the locations and shots of the movie that really surprise.  We all know Seagal movies are fucking hideous and only appeal due to (unintended) comedy – check out “Flight of Fury” to see some of the most hilarious ‘planes’ since 1930s miniature models were used in movies.  But man, these new shots are something else.  Filmed on location in Romania, this is something else and a new low.  

They’re not just making the movie look bad but Romania itself, not all of that country looks like this.  Avert your eyes!