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Paul Walker’s Skyline GT-R Up For Sale

The car that the late Paul Walker rode with in Fast & Furious (2009) is going up for sale/auction.  A blue 2002 Skyline GT-R.  If you want it you are going to have to pay 1 Million Euro, that is the starting price.  Half of the proceed will go to Paul’s charity Reach Out WorldWide.  But don’t be surprised at the price, the death of her owner added serious value and is not unlike James Dean’s Porsche which was an almost mythical car after his death.

This GT-R has quite a story to tell.  It is a Japanese original and, allegedly, entered North America illegally in two separate consignments.  The car body was shipped in one container and the drive train shipped in another. Then both were brought back together and the car was reconstructed while inside the country.  This was due to emissions and safety issues with Nissan Skyline’s at the time and an ongoing subject of controversy.

Then it appeared in Fast & Furious (2009) — at Paul Walker’s suggestion.  Walker was a noted NISMO (Nissan tuning company) fan and had attended their headquarters in Japan.  Walker fell in love with the car during the shoot and took ownership afterwards.  It wasn’t long though before the car was stolen, but obviously at some point was retrieved.

Despite rumours to the contrary it is a real GT-R, being the actual hero car.  Stunt cars were standard Skylines with GT-R bodykits added were used in order to reduce costs that would be incurred by destroying a real GT-R and to also shoot drifting scenes (try drifting in a 4WD Skyline).  Upgrades include  a custom roll cage, Rotora big brake kit, Momo alcantara wheel, a a heads up display for a dash-mount laptop, OMP seats with five-point harness, uprated suspension and alloy wheels.

Needless to say, factory security has been overhauled for the new owner.