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Pierce Brosnan Arrives In Bulgaria For Actioner ‘Survivor’

Pierce Brosnan will make a return foray into the action/thriller genre this year with two movies.  The first is Survivor (2014) for which Brosnan landed in Bulgaria today for filming.  The budget of which will be $35,000,000.  Bulgaria is becoming quite the location for filming movies and is carving it out as a good source of national income, Survivor is yet another decent-sized movie there now going in front of the camera.

Survivor follows an American woman working in London for the U.S. State Department. When her offices are bombed, she, the lone survivor, finds herself caught up in a conspiratorial plot, leading to her becoming a fugitive from the law. She only has until New Year’s Eve to clear her name and stop another targeted attack.

The second is ‘Coup’, another dark outing, is an upcoming action thriller film, which tells the story of a businessman trapped with his family in a war zone area.  Owen Wilson will co-star.  Good to see Brosnan back in movies with a bit more punch.  Hopefully they carry a nice R-Rating.