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Point Break: Unknown Metrosexual Cast As Johnny Utah

Sadly, Manly Movie Point Break is getting remade.  Some people thought Gerard Butler replacing Patrick Swayze was a bad thing (not me, Butler is good in 300 and Olympus Has Fallen), but if they disliked that they’re going to hate this.  Some metrosexual from an Australian soap, Luke Bracey, has been cast as Johnny Utah.  You can’t do this to Johnny Utah!

And what the fuck is it with hiring posers from Australian soaps?

That’s not the real problem with this movie though.  I’m not sure I liked the following synopsis telling of mini-cams following ‘extreme athletes’.  Is this some shaky-cam shit where you might as well not even bother looking at the screen?

The action centres on a former extreme sports superstar and FBI rookie who infiltrates a gang of itinerant thrill-seekers in a bid to crack a series of international robberies.

As the law enforcer’s investigation goes deeper he develops a strong tie with an enigmatic adventurer attempting to become the first man to complete the death-defying Quest Of Eight Challenges.

The producers will deploy high-resolution mini-cams to capture base jumping, surfing, motocross, snowboarding and skydiving sequences performed by leading extreme athletes.

The movie will shoot in March 2014 on location across Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, China and Malta.