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Poll: Are You On Board For A ‘Raid’ Remake?

Updated:  Someone mentioned in the comments section of the previous article on this that Gareth Evans has signed on as producer and will be involved to some extent.  Actually, this is true and a bit interesting.

A westernized ‘Raid’ is now a given, it’s going to happen one way or another.  The current word is that The Expendables 3 and ‘Red Hill’ director will take on directorial duties with actors Liam Hemsworth (pictured) and brother Chris Hemsworth being cast.

As per the original story …. SPOILER… you have two brothers involved on an armed Raid on a fortress held up by ruthless criminals, one of whom (the brothers) is undercover.  I guess the Hemsworth brothers will play onscreen brothers too.

The Raid is a killer movie from the East with little regard for western glamor and, for the lack of a better word, style.  And that’s just one of the reasons it is adored by fans of real action who are sick of the ditzy CGI direction of Hollywood action.  It’s brutal, a char grilled t-bone steak with no sauce.  So naturally a remake of this movie by Hollywood is going to invite controversy and divide opinion.

It might be a bit early to shit on it just yet, but we’re going to ask – are you on board for this or not?  Vote on your thoughts and sound off…