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Poll: Is Terminator Genesis A Good Move For Arnold?

Arnold has long since been confirmed to be returning to the Terminator franchise for Terminator: Genesis (2015).  The question is however, is this a good move for Arnold?

This franchise is not in good health.  The last two movies were poor and that TV show was even worse.  Personally, you could say I don’t really even care about Terminator anymore.  But I do care about Arnold and his career.  I’m wondering is this is the right move for him.  I fear the movie could be shit and that Arnold would’ve made a better move by chasing other projects like Sabotage.

In a sense, it’s too early to be sure.  But it doesn’t look good.  So we’re going to ask the question this week – what do you think?  Has the recent history of this franchise and maybe even the RoboCop ‘reboot’ made you a bit queasy – as far as Arnold’s career is concerned?  Or is it one to watch out for?

Vote yes, not no, sound off…

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