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RoboCop (2014) Tanking Hard At The Box Office

It seems that PG-Remake turd RoboCop (2014) is tanking hard at the Box Office.  First, keep in mind that this monstrosity cost $100 million – before printing and advertising.  Pity it wasn’t $90 million, then we could have used that Dan O’Herlihy facepalm “Ninety Million….”.

Anyway, by Thursday the movie had only grossed $5 million domestically for around a total of $40 million internationally.  For the ‘four day weekend’ which is really a five day weekend since it opened Wednesday it is expected to gross only in the high teens. Keep in mind the movie opened abroad before the U.S too.

These are horrific numbers, especially when these days a movie seriously needs to recover the lions share of its budget in the first two weeks.  So then, good news.  We might just escape the torture of a sequel being developed.  Ironically, even with inflation RoboCop 2 looks set to outperform RoboCop (2014), which is funny since hack Jose Padilha recently shit on that movie.