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Terminator Genesis: Jai Courtney Is Kyle Reese

Just a quick update on Terminator Genesis here guys: Jai Courtney has been cast as Kyle Reese.  It had came down to a decision to cast either him or Boyd Holbrook.  Somehow Jai Courtney convinced the bigwigs that he is the man for the job.  I guess this finally puts to bed early rumors of a Michael Biehn and Linda Hamilton duel cameo…

The lineup thus far then is:

Arnold Schwarzenegger: ‘The Terminator’
Emilia Clarke: Sarah Connor
Jason Clark: John Connor
Alan Taylor: Director

There’s a lot of negativity at the minute, we pick that up and we have our finger on the pulse.  But, if this movie were the proverbial patient on the table, I don’t think it’s time to call it – yet.  I like to think that something appealing has lured Arnold into this thing.  Do they have something that could work on the burner?  If not, Jai Courtney is gonna take another mauling.  First DHINO 2.0… then another classic ‘reboot’ disaster?

More as it develops…