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(VIDEO) The Americans: Season 2 Trailer

The Americans was easily one of the best series on TV last year.  If you frequent this site and have a thing for 1980s nostalgia, it should be right up your alley.  The Americans is about two Soviet spies living a sham marriage in 1981 American suburbia. to spice things up they’re living right next to an FBI agent who just adores them, completely unaware of course.  It’s like an old movie that Gene Hackman would’ve been hired for, only on your TV.

The series was a refreshing change of pace from satellites tracking suicide bombers behind some sand dune, like we’ve been seeing for the past decade now, when it comes to the spy genre.  Instead of high tech GPS wizardry, The Americans gives us old school spy-craft.  A wig, a fake beard and subtle tailing of large 1980s cars.  Cloak and dagger the old way.

No surprise then that the series was a hit and a second season ordered right away.  And in fact that series airs next week.  If you haven’t caught up with this series or aren’t even into Cold War intrigue, this series is fun regardless and there’s no better time to catch up as the Blu-Ray set for season one is released this month too.

Here’s the trailer.