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(VIDEO) The Making Of Stallone’s F-100

One of the manliest vehicles to appear in movies in recent years was Barney Ross’ Ford F-100 truck.  Black on black, badass on badass. Below is a making-of video.  The truck was created by West Coast Customs.  Real gearheads may (or may not) cringe upon hearing that name.  They often take great vehicles and destroy them with hideous and garish additions.

Not this one though.  For once they nail it with this F-100.  It’s a 1955 model and perhaps the most interesting part of this documentary is the engine build.  It’s a custom built big block shooting out 421BHP.  That’s in the shop, not in the chassis along with that screaming supercharger, which you gotta believe pushes it beyond 500BHP.

Three trucks were made.  Stunt, exterior and hero.  Sly kept the hero truck.  And who could blame him.  We can only hope that it returns in The Expendables 3, although it didn’t appear in the script we have, we’re told that the shooting screenplay changed literally by the minute until cameras stopped rolling.  So who knows!