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(VIDEO) Peter Weller Talks RoboCop Suit

If the 2014 abomination (review by PvtCaboose91 here) has crossed your line of defence, you can’t go wrong by going back to the original and only RoboCop.

The following video is better than the entirety of the new movie.  In it Peter Weller talks the suit and other things from the original movie.  And it really was an amazing suit, one of the hideous things about the remake is the cheapness of the new suit.  If you look closely at RoboCop’s (2014) face, the headgear hasn’t even been finished in places.  So it’s nice to hear the original Alex Murphy talk and lament about the care that he, the director, crew and even the execs took over getting the suit right.

It’s nice that these days Peter Weller is more open to talk about that iconic role.  For a long time, decades even, he’d be pretty hostile when it would come up as a topic of conversation.  Check out AintItCool’s video where Weller talks passionately about RoboCop below…