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300 Franchise Will Get A Second Sequel Soon

300: Rise of an Empire is in theatres and is tearing shit up, leading the box office way which is good news in itself because of its R-Rated nature.  Who said R-Rated movies were dead?  All things said though things will not stop at two entries.

Producer Mark Canton tells Collider that, all things going to plan, we’ll be seeing a third chapter in the series soon.

** SPOILER ***

As opposed to the first “300″, the new film ends with “people living still”, says Canton, “including Xerxes – who is a really bad boy – who is up there looming still. I, myself, hope there are more because I want to see what happens to Xerxes – I’m tired of him just being there.

** /SPOILER ***

Canton also says that the third movie will be placed in production much faster than the second movie, which is good news because it was kind of a long wait for the second one, wasn’t it?  Better again the producer claims that they’re setting about writing a sequel to Immortals as well.