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ABKing Says Sly & Arnie Must Focus On Big Hitter Projects

With SABOTAGE flopping harder than Justin Bieber’s next CD, it is time to say what must be said.  Both Arnold and Sly need to not make anymore action films that audiences can wait to see on the USA Channel.  Yes, The Last Stand, Bullet To The Head and Sabotage are small action films and the audience today want BIG if they are to spend $12 dollars on a movie ticket.

They want to see the TERMINATOR fighting futuristic machines and traveling in time, they want to see RAMBO out-running a nuke like blast and killing over 100 people in an epic battle, they want to see Sly, Arnold, Statham and co. on a mission in the latest blockbuster EXPENDABLES movie. NO MORE SMALL ACTION FILMS going forward after 2014.

Sure, OUT OF SIGHT a.k.a. REACH ME and Arnold’s Zombie drama MAGGIE will both probably go straight to DVD and they deserve to. I will watch ’em both in the comfort of my bedroom and throw popcorn at the screen lol.

You are only as good as your last movie, or so the saying goes, and Grudge Match took in 29.8 million and Sabotage will take in at least 9-10 million domestic.

THE EXPENDABLES 3 is up next for both action stars… the good news is that it will be a BIG HIT (the exciting new trailer hits this week)…the biggest WORLDWIDE grosser yet for this franchise.  We all know that EX4 is a done deal at this point…it is basically already in “soft” pre-production and Pierce Brosnan has basically verbally committed to the film and will more than likely play a British spy who must either help the Expendables team or destroy them (I like the sound of that lol). Pierce was awesome in THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR…oh wait a minute….

I am going to say it again until I am blue in the face…. JOHN MCT must… I mean MUST direct THE EXPENDABLES 4. He doesn’t need to get stuck making action movies that are not seen by anyone or go straight to DVD like that Sabotage sounding DEA thriller he is making sounds like. This is the man that directed PREDATOR and DIE HARD for pete’s sake. The man who fought the studios on both LAST ACTION HERO and THE 13TH WARRIOR and yet both movies still turned out good.

McT is the only man for the job and if Sly or LionsGate or Millennium or even McT himself is listening… the fans want the final EXPENDABLES film to be the end all be all of the series. Let’s blow the roof off this puppy with the BEST, BIGGEST and FINAL Expendables movie!!!!! JOHN MCTIERNAN’S THE EXPENDABLES 4 is coming to a theater near you in 2016…let us hope so anyway.

– ABKing