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Deadline Mounts Major Defense Of Mel Gibson

It’s been ten years since The Passion of the Christ was released and one of the writers over at Deadline has noticed.  Allison Hope Weiner has used it to mark a lengthy defense and plea for people to get over their hatred of Mel ‘The King’ Gibson.

“Why, I asked him “did you say those things about the Jews starting all the wars? Where did those unkind things come from?” Gibson thought for a moment, then answered that he’d been terribly hurt by the very personal criticism of him from the Jewish community over The Passion Of The Christ.”

Obviously, when that movie came out there was a industrialized witch hint against Gibson, leading to a path of being blacklisted and as the author points out, literally spat on.  This author really does give Gibson’s enemies both barrels.  She rightly points out that child rapist Roman Polanski can get a free pass and that convicted rapist Mike Tyson can also get a free pass, but strangely Mel is still studio enemy number one.

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