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First Images Of Tokarev (2014) With Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage has what appears to be a pretty fucking Manly gangster/heist thriller coming out this year. In Tokarev, Cage ambushes a convoy of dirty money from the Russian mob, earning he and associates a pay day bigger than their wildest dreams.  Thus, the mob makes it personal.  

You gotta love that type of genre.  It’s go-to Manly Movie-ism.  Even better, it also stars Danny Glover, always good to see Lt. Harrigan in a movie, I don’t care what it is.  If he’s in it, it’s worth watching.  Fact.

We have the first official images for this movie today and we’ll throw in the already released trailer again too for good measure, for those who had missed it.  There’s still no release date though – just 2014 for now.  The movie is another one of those theatrical/DTV limbo movies with a 25 million-ish budget.

Check out these pics.