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J.K. Simmons For Terminator: Genesis Details On Character

Turns out that J.K. Simmons is in the running to join Terminator: Genesis (2015).  According to TheHollywoodReporter Simmons will play “a weary and alcoholic detective who has followed a bizarre case involving Sarah Connor and robots for more than three decades (since 1984, which, not coincidentally, is the year the original movie, directed by James Cameron, was released).”

Recently it was also revealed via Moviehole that the movie would delve back into the first movie via an alternate timeline… “Firstly, we will indeed be revisiting the events of the original 1984 film again. The ‘Terminator’ from the future will arrive on earth, attack some punks (keen to see who they get to play ‘Bill Paxton’), and then slaughter his way through a bunch of Sarah Connors’ – until he finds the correct target.”

They also said that they’d be returning to the second movie too. “And then, we’ll also be taken back to the events of the sequel. The scene where the T-1000 (played by Robert Patrick in “Terminator 2 : Judgement Day”), posing as a cop, visiting John Connor’s home, where he meets – and consequently kills – foster parents Todd (Xander Berkeley) and Janelle (Jenette Goldstein), is in there. As are several other key moments.”

Well, once bitten, twice shy.  And remember the fact that Arnold has signed on doesn’t mean anything, Terminator 3, ’nuff said.