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Johnny Strong Not Returning For Fast & Furious 7 (2015)

A lot of rumors continue to float around about Fast & Furious 7 (2015), a lot of names being attached to the project.  The series likes to bring back old names from earlier movies, for example Lucas Black will return for this movie.

Another rumored return was the character of Leon, who appeared in the original movie as part of Toretto’s crew.  Played originally by Johnny Strong, with the exception of ‘Jesse’, he’s the only member of that original crew to not return.  Recent rumors suggested he’d appear in Fast 7.  Not true though, Strong informed followers recently:

I wish them the best with this Franchise, but I won’t be returning. I really appreciate all the love.

I am amazed by all the request/love for me to reprise the role of “Leon”. It’s always amazed me, considering I was in the film, probably for a total of five minutes, maybe less. Most of my work in that film was improved. The character was originally written as an african american, in the original script titled “Redline”, so I decided to play him as a white boy who was immersed in popular black culture. Which, if you ever spent anytime in the “Underground Racing culture” there are a lot of young White men who act/think they are black. Michelle Rodriguez, was such a sweetheart, I remember playing Rainbow 6 with her on her Playstation in her trailer. Paul was a nice guy, and I remember showing him some Jiu jitsu on the set, and the director got upset with me, because he thought Paul would get hurt. I remember choking out Matt Shulze, and Vin Diesles partner George, in the lobby of the Hotel in Hemet Ca. Participating in the film, was an interesting experience that I’ll always remember. I have several projects that my time is devoted to, and unfortunately the Fn’F isn’t on the list. I wish them the best with 8, 9 , 10, etc. Maybe they can hire another actor to reprise the role. Thanks again for all the love.

So there you have it.  Sounds like Strong genuinely doesn’t wish to return rather than not being asked.  Since he’s still listed on the IMDb page for the movie it just goes to show that no heed should be paid to such pages which can be updated publicly.  So when you see that big list of names for The Expendables 4 on the IMDb, ignore it.