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Mel Gibson And Jackie Chan Co-Starring In ‘Dragon Blade’

First came the recent glorious news that gold digging lizard Oksana had declared for bankruptcy.  Now comes news on Mel’s next movie – well the one that’ll come after The Expendables 3.  He’s going to star in a historical epic with non other than Jackie Chan!

The two will team up for ‘Dragon Blade’ where Mel will play a Roman General leading a Legion into China where they team up with Jackie Chan to battle a ‘greater foe’.  I can tell you that said foe will be a ‘Roman Prince’ aged 20-30, although more info is lacking.  Shooting begins at the the end of this month and the movie will be directed by Daniel Lee.

I must say that this does sound intriguing, if only because Mel has signed on.  The idea of him playing a Roman General is now highly anticipated.  On the face of things, it almost sounds ’13th Warrior’.  If Hollywood doesn’t want to appreciate the greatness of Mel GOD Gibson, then let the Chinese and their emerging market allow him to do his thing.

I have contacted a source close to casting which finished earlier this month for more info, hopefully they’ll give up some goods and/or more info.  So when more info comes in, it’ll for sure appear on