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Nicolas Cage Joins John McTiernan’s Red Squad, Al Pacino Too?

Last night we updated y’all with details on the story of John McTiernan’s comeback movie.  Afterwards the John McTiernan Database to provide us on some further updates.  Thanks to them, here is what we have learned…

Nicolas Cage has joined the cast of the movie according to this magazine, something that was confirmed again by this source which features a variation of one of two posters released for the movie with Cage’s name on it.  Now this shouldn’t be surprising as the same production company, Hannibal Classics, is responsible for Tokarev, so Cage seems to be under contract with them.

Next, the following promotional company emanating from Germany has Al Pacino listed in their trivia section for the movie, alongside Nicolas Cage and an additional teaser poster.  Lastly according to screen international the movie will have a budget of $26,000,000 and have a release date of January 2015, although we’ve also heard summer 2015 be speculated.

Oh, and Laurent Eyquem, who recently scored Tokarev (2014), starring Nicolas Cage and Danny Glover, is going to score the movie.  So that’s all we got for now on Red Squad.  But we’ll be sure to get all pertinent information up as it comes in.  I guess Tokarev will be one to watch this year now…