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Original Endoskeleton Crew Returning For Terminator: Genesis

Some sweet news has appeared over at news concerning Terminator: Genesis.  While there’s a good chance the movie could blow, at least the original crew who worked on the very first T-800 endoskeleton is returning to build something tangible.  So at least there isn’t any apparent temptation to force CGI Terminators upon us.

“We are officially back,” Rosengrant confirms to TheArnoldFans regarding his Terminator Genesis contract. Rosengrant’s FX company, Legacy Effects, is now hard at work drawing all new designs for Skynet’s deadliest and will soon create some amazing new Terminators to share screen-time with Schwarzenegger.

You can read the full exclusive article  by clicking here, where John Rosengrant talks other Terminator subjects including his work on the original movie.  In any case I guess we’ll get a better feel next month on what kind of beast this movie will be… or to be blunt, how bad it’ll be… when it starts officially shooting.