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Raid Remake: Gareth Evans Wants Scott Adkins + Michael Jai White

The more I hear about this remake, with the exception of the Hemsworth brothers being attached, the more I like about it.  Consider that Gareth Evans, director of the original two movies, is on board as producer.  And that the fight choreographers from those movies are too. 

And, by the way, Red Hill and The Expendables 3 director Patrick Hughes is directing.  But the following news, should it come to pass, might just tip the scale.  Gareth Evans wants not only Scott Adkins in this movie, but Michael Jai White too.  First, Evans talks about Patrick Hughes

“I think what worked for me was the fact that nobody questioned what I wanted to do on that, the same way I don’t think anyone should question what Patrick wants to do on that,” Evans said. “For me, in order for that film to work really well, they’ve got to let him go off into his sandbox, play around and see what he comes up with. When they suggested Patrick, I had no problem at all because he’s a super talented director. Red Hill, fucking great film. Such a great movie.”

Casting rumors abounded along with Hughes’ deal, including Chris and Liam Hemsworth for the leads. I asked Evans if casting brawny actors like them would change the action away from a martial arts emphasis.

“They’re pretty tall, right? It depends right now. Me on a personal level, I’d fucking love to see them put Scott Adkins in there. I’m just going to say that right off because I just think he’s great and I’ve wanted to work with him before. For him to be able to get a real, good fucking solid role like that in a studio film where it’s all about gearing up towards martial arts, something that he’s fully capable of, it’d be great. Michael Jai White would be great as well, all these guys. I could geek out about all the guys I want to see in these films and hopefully they get a chance.”

So this thing could be a Manly Movie yet…