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Terminator: Genesis To Return To 1st & 2nd Movies?

Some very interesting rumors have appeared online regarding Terminator: Genesis.  So let’s cut the bullshit intro and get right down to it.  Moviehole is reporting that the movie will be the first in a new franchise and they’ll kick things off by revisiting the events of the first and second movies, going back in time to 1984 and 1995 respectively.

Here’s what they’re saying:

Firstly, we will indeed be revisiting the events of the original 1984 film again. The ‘Terminator’ from the future will arrive on earth, attack some punks (keen to see who they get to play ‘Bill Paxton’), and then slaughter his way through a bunch of Sarah Connors’ – until he finds the correct target. And all the characters that appeared in the Cameron original, like Detective Hal Vukovich (played by Lance Henriksen in the original), Lieutenant Ed Traxler (played by Paul Winfield way back when), Sarah’s roomie Ginger (Bess Motta in the ’84 film) and, yep, even Pugsley the Iguana, return. So, yep, we’ll likely get to see Schwarzenegger back in the leather jacket and cool sunglasses he wore in the original. And, of course, Kyle Reese (Courtney) volunteers to go back to 1984 and save Sarah – just as he did first time around. But don’t expect everything to work out like it did in the original.. something is going to play out different.

And then, we’ll also be taken back to the events of the sequel. The scene where the T-1000 (played by Robert Patrick in “Terminator 2 : Judgement Day”), posing as a cop, visiting John Connor’s home, where he meets – and consequently kills – foster parents Todd (Xander Berkeley) and Janelle (Jenette Goldstein), is in there. As are several other key moments.

Moviehole says that the flock of seagulls T-800 will appear again, that is, the original Arnold Terminator.  This pretty much confirms that CGI will be used on Arnold, doesn’t it?  I mean how else can they cast him as a 30-something cyborg?  I think our speculation that ‘Avatar’ technology could be used on Arnold (read here) may have been correct.  Are they going to do the same for Robert Patrick? 

I gotta admit, this is an exciting development.  Seeing ‘The Galleria’ making it’s third movie appearance gets me all… giddy.  The Star Trek reboot did something similar to this, the first movie impressively used time travel to reboot the series without insulting its fans (I’m not a fan of Star Trek, but that was some good writing).  So, Terminator: Genesis for my money is not DOA yet, should this update be accurate.

Are we going back to Tech Noir?!

Edit:  Oh, one more thing.  There’ll be a Terminator game coming out around the same time, based on the first two movies as well but not tied into this movie.  It’ll be called Terminators: The Video Game.  Bad news – it’ll be developed by the people who brought us Rambo: The Video Game.  (Very, very bad news…).