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The Expendables 3 To Get 11.1 Soundtrack

For a long time the state of the art sound interface has mostly been 7.1 surround sound.  Most don’t have it at home and the majority of movies still don’t support it.  In 2005 however, 11.1 surround sound was invented and recently it has been used on select titles.

Of 30 titles so far created using Barco’s 11.1 audio, The Expendables 3 is one of them.  At CinemaCon, Clips from Spider-Man 2 and a promo from Expendables 3 were played in Auro during the conference when Barco unwrapped its “CinemaBarco” brand to the press and attendees with a series of demonstrations.

Sounds like new footage.  Isn’t it unlikely it would be that paltry teaser trailer?  Nothing much in the way of audio spectacle in that clip to reveal, right?  I get a feeling we won’t be seeing this clip online but who knows, it could be the next trailer which will be around 60 seconds long. As for the sound format, I think most of us won’t hear the movie like that, either.  It’s far from a format used in every theatre.

But still… good to hear The Expendables 3 is being used as a platform for something like this.