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Uh Oh… Schwarzenegger To Play Old Man Terminator

More bad news for Terminator: Genesis today.  Schwarzenegger gave an interview to Nerdlist this week and he hyped up the fact that he’ll be playing an aged Terminator.  Not only will he be playing an old Terminator, he’ll be playing ‘the protector’ role again.  So folks, when you consider that this movie is probably going to be PG-13, it seems that we were wrong when we thought it couldn’t get any worse.

Here’s what he said exactly:

“The Director wants me to be exactly the same as I was in 1984 because the person (cyborg tissue) is of human flesh but underneath is a metal endoskeleton. So the human flesh ages just like everyone else does but the skeleton doesn’t change. Therefor he (The Terminator, has to be that same body, physically the same thing, even though you have a little grey going on or this kind of thing that when you see me now coming back. So it is very important that I step it up and instead of just 45 minutes of weight training, I do more an hour-and-a-half and I gain an extra 5 and a half or 7 pounds or pure muscle and get that body back that I had then. 

I play kind of the Terminator protector-like character. We can switch back and fourth to a 25-year-old, vs a 35 yer old vs a 55 year old (Terminator) in the future of 2029. They will play around with that (various ages), but the body needs to always stay the same. But the make-up and hair will change.”

While we don’t know the full details here, from the sounds of things we’ll be seeing a pensioner Terminator protect Emilia Clarke, Jason Clarke or both.  Some people will argue that that you could technically have an OAP Terminator, if, say… it were to survive the events of Terminator 2 then protect Connor right up ’till 2029 (Oh, God, please say they won’t).  But not only would that be blasphemous but downright cringe worthy.  This is a disastrous development and what is even more tragic is how Schwarzenegger hypes it up like it’s something good.  How out of touch is he?

Sorry, but there are no fanboys on this site who’ll try to sell this nonsense.

Shit idea.