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Update On The Legend Of Conan (2015)

A while back Legend of Conan writer Andrea Berloff claimed that the movie was going to exceed expectations, and made gave some encouraging signs such as shitting on CGI and synthetic fakery in these types of movies.

Along with speaking to Berloff spoke to Arnold himself and producer Fredrik Malmberg, who had this to say:

 The idea is that this takes place AFTER Conan has been king,” Malmberg tells TheArnoldFans. “The whole idea that got Arnold so enthusiastic about the new creative take is, CAN HE live up to the legend he is?” Conan is in his mid 60s now, so he will have to fight through an aging warrior body, having cracking bones, aches and having to get back into the battle.”

You can check out the full update by clicking here.  This is one movie franchise alongside Predator I’d really like to see Arnold return to.  I hope the stories of this going into production after Terminator: Genesis are true.