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Al Leong Talks Action Movie Career, MMA

If you know your action movies, you know you ’80s action.  And if you know your ’80s action, you’ll know Al Leong.  Today we have an interview to share that Leong conducted with PlanetChocko where Leong discusses several interesting things.

His favorite movie to work on? “Big Trouble in Little China was extremely fun because the director – John Carpenter was great! Rapid Fire was a blast as well. Brandon Lee was such a wonderful guy & a pleasure to work with. Working with Jeff Imada – the Stunt Coordinator was incredible as well. The director of Rapid Fire – Dwight Little was such a nice person.”

Leon also discusses his thoughts on contemporary MMA:  “A lot of tradition has been lost and that is why I am glad the old chinese instructors held back a lot of things. Today this knowledge from the old teachers would be extremely wasted. If the traditional kung fu teachers thought that martial arts could truly be taught in six months – they would have taught it in six months.”

You can read the full interview by clicking here.  But beware, Leong is a fan of The Dark Knight series.  Well he always did play a good bad guy.