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Ask The Expendables 3 Cast A Question

Promotion for The Expendables 3 seems to have entered first gear.  On Thursday we’ll get another trailer but also this week, the official #Expendables3 Twitter account will take questions from fans and funnel them towards the cast.

So, The Expendables 3 will feature on AOL Unscripted.

Prepare for the most epic AOL Unscripted ever. The #EX3 gang will be answering your questions. Submit yours now! #EX3Unscripted
— The Expendables 3 (@Expendables3) April 1, 2014

So who is going to appear on this? Can’t say for sure, but I’ve heard Stallone, Couture, Lundgren and Wesley Snipes will be the ones on the chairs.  Man, it’ll be good to see Wesley Snipes back doing some big league promotion.  We fired off the question… will Sly seek John McTiernan for The Expendables 4?

April fools joke?  Would be the worst promotion ever from a verified Twitter account if it was.  Another side note, apparently Michelle Rodriguez has joined or is close to joining the spin off movie (ExpendaBelles, working title only), which would keep her out of The Expendables 4.  Which would be nice…