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Beverly Hills Cop IV Shooting This Summer?

One of the very first things this site began chasing was the possibility of a Beverly Hills Cop IV.  Hopes were dashed multiple times when firstly a hideous story emerged that the story would have Roseweed (sorry) killed in the opening act.

They ditched that, only to come at us with a shitty premise for a TV show where Brandon T. Jackson would star as Foley’s son, with Murphy cameo’ing now and then as Foley himself.  That was canned, too.  A pilot was shot but hasn’t seen the light of day.  Whether it’s because it was absolute shit or for some other reason, such as Jackson’s insistence that it was too violent and edgy, we may never know.

Anyway, last year Jerry Bruckheimer gave the finger to Disney and headed back to Paramount.  His reasoning was that he was sick of the PG shit they were forcing upon him and that Paramount gave him better room for movement.  He also said that Beverly Hills Cop IV would be one of his first movies with Paramount.

And it seems like he wasn’t joking.

Bruckheimer tells the Hollywood reporter: We’re going to take Eddie [Murphy] back to Detroit,” the producer said. “He’s going to be in Beverly Hills … so we’re going to have some fun with him.

So it seems that we could be good to go as early as August, as per Hollywood Reporter/Bloomberg’s interview.  The only potential problem here could be Brett Ratner.  He doesn’t exactly inspire 100% confidence, but at least Eddie Murphy himself in recent times has openly admitted that a lot of his movies have been shit lately and vowed to avoid making a film unless it was the real deal.  All going well, Beverly Hills Cop IV could be in the can 30 years after the first movie was released (5 Dec 1984).

The heat is on!