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Do You Want John McTiernan For The Expendables 4?

We’re taking a break from out ‘Manliest Movie Of All Time’ tournament to have a different poll this week.  We want to know – do you want John McTiernan to direct The Expendables 4?

Is it too early to start pushing for this?  No, it’s never too early.  Especially if you consider that Avi Lerner wants to start shooting EX4 this fall – whether he gets what he wants is another matter though.  You might also think it’s not worth the time campaigning for directors like this.  But this franchise is somewhat unique in that Stallone is very receptive to what fans want.

A little back history.  For the first movie, Stallone fired 50 Cent after backlash from his official forums.  He also apologized for ‘failing’ to cast Kurt Russell (see here).  For the second movie, largely down to fan demand, he cast JCVD and Scott Adkins.  A tsunami of negativity also forced R-Rated re-shoots for that movie.  For the third movie, Stallone tried to hire Mel Gibson as director but came back empty handed telling us “I tried”.  Obviously, we got Mel in a different capacity – but through those efforts regardless.

But back to John McTiernan.

For us, there’s only one man for the job for The Expendables 4.  And it is him.  At this stage in his career after his recent troubles, seeking out McTiernan would be like finding a super car lost and hidden in an old barn.  He’s one of the best pure action directors in history, surely in the top three.  There is a real coup waiting to happen here, if Sly and Lerner are smart, and if we push hard enough.  Each Expendables movie thus far has had a ‘bombshell’ but I’m struggling to see what, other than McTiernan, that could be for the fourth.  And boy, it would probably need it.  Fatigue is also around the corner.

So should it happen?  We think so.  And we think a community-wide effort should begin to make sure that it does.  The more people, fans and sites get on board, the more likely it is to happen.  So show your support for McT keeping The Expendables series alive.

If you want it, it’ll happen.  Viral videos, Facebook movements and the like don’t hurt.  Hopefully someone will show initiative out there with those types of things…