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Dolph Lundgren Gives ‘Skin Trade’ Update

Via the Skin Trade Facebook Page, Dolph Lundgren has stepped in to give an update on the movie, which sounds a bit more encouraging after that poor ‘mash up’ type video appeared using leaked footage.

‘Hi, this is Dolph Lundgren. Welcome to our new FB site. I just wrapped principal photography on the action-thriller SKIN TRADE, after shooting for 10 weeks in Bangkok and Vancouver, B.C. 

This picture is about human trafficking and is very special to me. I started working on the script 7 years ago, after reading a news story about a van full of girls that were to be smuggled from Mexico to the United States. The van was left by the traffickers along the border and all the thirty girls inside died from heat stroke and suffocation. 

I have two young daughters myself and I felt that this is a story that has to be told. I used that incident as inspiration for a scene in SKIN TRADE, a film produced by Mike Selby, Craig Baumgarten and myself.’

I’m cautiously optimistic about Skin Trade.  It seems to be a serious project with quite lengthy preparation and shooting, with a solid cast.  Also while ‘Ambushed’ (review), a movie where Lundgren starred alongside Expendables co-star Randy Couture, sucked, it was actually the first time Lundgren impressed me with a serious acting performance.  Hopefully a dry run for a better movie.