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Dredd Sequel Petition Surpasses 100,000 Signatures

It’s a pity we never got a sequel to Rated-R thriller ‘Dredd’.  But if home video sales and that giant fan petition are anything to go by, it could still happen.  The people behind the movement have updated their followers – they’ve hit 100,000 signatures.

WE DID IT! Less than a year after we began this campaign the official petition for a DREDD sequel has reached 100,000 signatures!

Thank you to everyone who has shouted about this, encouraged their friends to sign up, posted about it online, organised events, and attended conventions dressed in Judge costumes, plus all those who continue to agitate for a sequel to our favourite film!

The Facebook page has almost 82,000 ‘likes’ but reaching 100,000 names on the petition doesn’t mean we can stop – let’s keep spreading the word so that those who hold the future of the franchise in their hands hear that there’s a community here and we want more DREDD!

We’re also really proud that 2000 AD have asked us to announce the DREDD illustrated screenplay book, which is out in July and includes Alex Garland’s script with Jock’s production designs.

Remember – keeping fighting, keep pushing: there are 100,000 of us now and we’ll get there!

Why not sign the petition, you can do that by clicking here.  Now if only we had something similar to get John McTiernan signed up for The Expendables 4…