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EX3: Introducing The Young Guns

You’ve probably noticed quite a few unknown faces, well a few will probably recognize Ortiz and perhaps Rousey.  That’s part of a drive to introduce fresh blood into the franchise, as stated by Sylvester Stallone: “Our stories by and large have been pretty much told. So now we have to branch out and investigate other people’s lives. There’s only so many times you can go to that well and you’re like, ‘I’m sick of the taste of this water. Give me something fresh. A new spring.”

The ‘young blood’ then:

Smilee, played by Kellen Lutz. Luna, played by Ronda Rousey.  Thorn – Glen Powell and Mars – played by Victor Ortiz.

Today IGN has an article up on the casting of these new additions, for anyone interested.  It’s basically the usual comments about how lucky they are to appear in such as franchise etc.  Patrick Hughes chimes in as well: “Mate, you’ll have to see the movie!” laughs director Patrick Hughes. “I can’t give away the ending! But it’s an interesting conflict to involve because we’re talking about ‘80s action heroes and when we think about those action pictures, it’s a far cry from the Jason Bournes of the 2000s. It’s a different style of action, a different mentality and mythology. So it was interesting to couple it up.”

ManlyMovie Note:  These ‘young Expendables’ appear towards the centre of the movie.  Their time on screen is not insignificant.  Probably 60/40 legends/new recruits.  There are fears that they are there to replace the originals, but it’s more a case of giving the old team something to do.