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Mad Max: Fury Road Weapons Advisor Talks Movie

Greg Van Borssum, the fight choreographer and weapons adviser on 2015’s Mad Max: Fury Road has been talking about the movie recently, as well as having shared some behind the scenes pics.  He says the movie will shift gears from current trends:

“The parkour world has been a massive part of action films for the past few years, but even now, it is becoming dated, as did the Hong Kong-style wire action seen in The Matrix years before and even the Bourne-style fighting is becoming a regular thing.

I wanted to make the action less flashy and more realistic of a world that has been built on the remnants of warfare survivors and scavengers. I designed a number of gun fighting sequences for the film, but there was one in particular, that, if cut correctly, should be enjoyable to watch.”

It’s debatable whether or not “Fury Road” will work as PG-13, assuming it even is PG-13.  Nonetheless Borssum has been saying that: “There were some very difficult fight sequences, as not only were they being performed on moving vehicles, they were using improvised weaponry and other things.”

“It is road warfare in the end, and it had to have a certain brutality to it.”

Well… that sounds mildly encouraging  While we’re at it, Borssum has uploaded some snaps from behind the scenes.  I’m not sure whether these are from Namibia or Australia.  Hardy has evidently lost weight – at least in some of the pics, recall that he said he was going for a ‘feral’ look, being that the environ is post-apocalyptic.

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