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Rumor: Steven Seagal Shooting Expendables 4 This Fall?

So, The Expendables 4.  Two rumors persist.  But both are likely bogus.

The first is that the movie will be fast-tracked this year right after the third, as we were the first western site to reveal last year.  Back then, Avi Lerner gave an interview as we noted: “Here’s the interesting part.  Lerner says that The Expendables 4 will begin shooting next year, or at least ‘maybe’.  “Next year we’re maybe filming The Expendables 4.  “The action will be set in Cuba, but only if Fidel Castro is still alive, otherwise the story will change.”  So it looks like The Expendables, or at least somebody, are going after Castro.  Now that’s old school.  Incidentally, today The Expendables 4 first appeared on the IMDb, the first person on the cast list (rumored) is Randy Couture.”

Today, this Bulgarian source claims that the movie will shoot this fall and that Seagal will appear as the villain.  So does this source.  Not so fast though.  The first source cites The Expendables ‘Official Twitter’ as revealing the information.  Quick check… nope.  Straight lies.  The second source, cites the people who brought us the fake Hulk Hogan rumor last week (‘Monitor’).  The Hogan rumor, especially, is bullshit.

So while Seagal appearing in The Expendables 4, shooting this year even, aren’t outside the bounds of possibility, I’m just pointing out that the current purveyors, Bulgarian media, are spreading shit and basing speculation on made up nonsense.